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    Milena Kitic, Internationally Acclaimed Opera Singer, mezzo-soprano (Metropolitan Opera) Artist-in-Residence at Chapman University in Orange, CA,

    Milena Kitic Vocal Studio in Newport Beach, CA

    It is my pleasure to recommend Renee Hoffman Heath, soprano, as one of the most dedicated Voice Teachers I met in Orange County, So. CA and one of the most wonderful human beings I have collaborated with.  Renee came to me several months before she moved to Dallas, TX to perfect and polish her voice technique. She has a beautiful, mature soprano, solid vocal technique, she is hard working, studious, patient and absolute joy to work with. The fact that she keeps working on her Voice tells a lot about how dedicated she is as a singer and as a pedagogue.  Additionally, Renee is wonderful with children, always encouraging and positive.  She has entrusted me with two of her young students to continue a successful vocal path they had started under her wing and she made sure the transfer was seamless. I am certain Renee will continue to contribute in the best possible way in music development and enrichment of singers of all ages.

     Amy Chapman, MA, CCC-SLP, Los Angeles.

     As a voice therapist I am always on the lookout for knowledgeable singing teachers who know about vocal health. Renee is just that. She is constantly learning and eager to discover more and more about the voice, on top of her incredible knowledge she already has. On top of that she is so warm and positive, a perfect combination for a wonderful teacher.

     Kari-Lyn Mayne, BM Music Education & BA Theatre Arts, Gordon College, and Vocal Teacher in Orange County, CA:

    To start off, Renée is unlike any other vocal teacher that I've had and I highly recommend her! Even though I only worked Renée for her last couple months in Orange County, the amount of knowledge that I gained from her is beyond measure! Not only is she an amazing teacher, she is a wonderful mentor and someone you can always count on to support you. I went to her a little over a year after finishing voice lessons in college and I was nervous to see how far I had fallen behind, but after the first lesson I felt so confident to get back into singing and teaching and she helped me grow as a performer and a teacher. Thank you, Renée for everything!


    Dorothea Seibert Von Fock, Freshman, BM Musical Theater, Catholic University of America, Washington DC:

    I started working with Renée during my junior year of high school. Prior to this, I had taken some group voice lessons at a local studio, but I was ready to take my love of singing to the next level and begin my journey of discovering the voice. Taking lessons with Renée definitely delivered on all of these aspects! Not only is she one of the most kind-hearted, loving people, she also contains a wealth of knowledge about the voice and the performing world. She helped me develop both my legit and belt voice and opened my eyes to practicing good vocal technique. In addition, Renée always gave me a 100% support in all my endeavors and helped me to ultimately achieve my dream of studying in Washington DC to attain a Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre. I truly appreciate all that Renée has done for me and honestly do not know where I would be without her. She is an AMAZING teacher and I am so thankful for all that I have learned from her. 

    Annalise Nordgren, Graduate of Orange County High School of the Arts 2017, Classical Voice:  

     I studied with Renee for the last two years of my high school career. I became instantly comfortable during the first lesson. I witnessed more change in my voice in those two years than I had in the past six years with another teacher. She cares so much for her students and brings compassion, love, and humor to every lesson. I always left a lesson feeling amazing! Renee is not only a BEAUTIFUL singer but she is a fabulous teacher and has became a wonderful friend!  

    Michelle Aszterbaum, mom of Isabella & Olivia Szabo: 

    Mentorship and personal investment.

    Learning how to hit those challenging high notes was just a part of how my daughters benefited from working with Renee for 7 years.  Renee helped my girls through the stages of development of their young voices and gave them the tools they needed to successfully perform in front of an audience—not a small feat.  She was also an enthusiastic guide for their exploration of classical voice music and opera. The depth and breadth of their repertoire is thanks to Renee’s skilled guidance.  When my daughters decided they wanted to apply to the prestigious Orange County School  or the Arts Classical Voice Conservatory, Renee deftly guided them through the competitive and ultimately successful application process.  She also encouraged participation in local competitions, a way to gain experience and confidence.  I think what distinguishes Renee as a voice teacher is her personal investment in the vocal and personal growth of her students.  Lessons often started with a quick catch-up on the weeks events and an opportunity for sharing advice on how to handle a personal challenge.  My daughters appreciated the nurturing and supportive environment of those weekly lessons and look back on that experience with gratitude.

    Isabella Moore, Braver Player & Student at AMDA College & Conservatory, Los Angeles:

     Renee is by far one of the best music teachers ever! She is so patient with her students, and not to mention super kind. I've worked with her privately and in shows and every time I'm with her, I learned something new and my voice kept evolving. Even if you have her once in your life, I guarantee you hold her advice forever and ever. She is not just an amazing teacher, but she is an amazing human. ❤

    Karren Metzer, mother of Samara Metzer:

    Renee is an amazing vocal teacher who knows how to teach healthy singing.  She started teaching my daughter classical voice at the age of 8, and she has helped mold my daughter into the incredible singer she is today.  Due to the training she provided my daughter throughout the years, my daughter was accepted into the prestigious Orange County School of the Arts Classical Voice conservatory in Orange County, California.  Ms. Renee truly cares about her students and always goes above and beyond to make sure the student is singing to protect their vocal cords, not damage them.  The vocal cords are so sensitive and all potential singers she really be careful on who they select to train them.  Ms. Renee is by far one of the most knowledgeable vocal trainers I know, and anyone who has the privilege to be trained by her is fortunate.  

    Tanya Musquez, mother of Laura Musquez:  

    My daughter Laura has studied with Renee for a year and a half, and the growth I have seen from her is tremendous.  Laura has studied with other vocal teachers previously, but it was with Renee that she began to learn how to really utilize her instrument, her voice, to its fullest potential.  Under Renee’s guidance, Laura took 3rd place in the California State Thespian Festival in the Solo-Musical Theatrecategory and was a semi-finalist in the Classical Singer competition.  Additionally, Laura was accepted to the prestigious American Music & Dramatic Arts College in Hollywood.  What makes Renee better than other voice teacher is her holistic approach.  She does not just teach the student how to hit the right notes, but also teaches the students how to understand the mechanics of vocal singing, something I have seen other voice teachers barely touch on.  She also spends time teaching the students the meaning and intention behind the music, so they can really understand the feeling behind the words.  Additionally, she cares about her students and treats them with respect and compassion while pushing them to strive to be better.   Renee is the best!

    Andrea Yamamoto, Junior, Voice Major, University of AZ updated testimonial:

    "I've taken voice lessons for 12 years with several different teachers and Renee is the one teacher I keep coming back to. She's the meter for how my voice is and how it should be. Her versatility, amazing diagnosing skills, and constant desire to learn more about teaching and different techniques makes her invaluable for singers of every level.  She will be your mentor, cheerleader, and friend - the most perfect mix for a voice teacher I've found yet."


    Emily Morris, Graduate of Scripps College:

    Renee is an incredible vocal coach. First, she has a warmth that brings even the most insecure singer out of their shell (that was me when I started). She builds you up and helps you imbue confidence in your singing which makes all of the difference. 

     But here's the important stuff. As you will see on her resume, Renee has been trained in some of the country's top conservatories. She just knows everything about the mechanics of your body related to your voice, and the muscle processes associated with every little bit of the singing. 
     She's a trained opera singer, which might sound intimidating at first if that isn't what you are looking for, but the singing behind opera is the most important foundation for all styles of singing; classical, musical theater, pop, folk etc. And that gives you the technique and ability and tone to truly be at the top of your game (and be able to out-sing alot of other people, haha). Renee has so much knowledge about all the different styles of singing but she grounds it in technique and disciplined work. The growth I have experienced with her is amazing. My voice would literally be nothing without her today and none of the other many vocal coaches I've worked with at various points, even in college, have ever compared to her. You owe it to your voice to take a lessons with her.
     She's helped me achieve so much success and the latest achievement that I couldn't have done with out her was getting cast in a lead role in the all-school spring 2011 musical although it was my first time ever auditioning for the Theater department at Pomona College.
     In short, please take lessons with Renee! I recommend her to everyone I know that is interested in singing and many of my friends have taken from her with fabulous results! One of my male friends had no idea he could sing and now he gets every single lead in his theater department at Tufts University! She now has quite a following at CDMHS in the music department and my mom can give you references from many CDM and Port Street families if you're still not convinced.

    Jena Marie Mauldin, Sophomore, Oberlin Conservatory:  

     I studied with Mrs. Heath from 2005-2009 (starting back when I knew her as Ms. Hoffman!) Working with her I grew so much, both as a technician and as an artist.

    I am currently a sophomore at Oberlin Conservatory and College, pursuing a double degree (BM in Voice Performance and (tentatively) a BA in Linguistic Anthropology). I had to go on vocal rest the entire spring semester of my freshman year due to health issues. The following summer (2010) Mrs. Heath helped me work back into my voice as I was still working through my health issues. I don't know what I would have done without her there to help me through that time. 

    Her flexibility and ability to keep an open mind allows her to explore technical and artistic avenues with her students that might be overlooked by another teacher. She is not only a wonderful teacher, but also a wonderful person, and I am grateful she has been part of my life. I would recommend her as a teacher to all voice types and all levels.

    Andréa Yamamoto, CSUF Vocal Major, Class 2016:

    Renee is a brilliant technician AND knows how to express beautifully (an unusual combination). She is a very patient and persistent teacher. She does it all from starting beginners to coaching advanced singers to rehabilitating damaged voices. Renee has coached me away from some bad technique I picked up from reckless and inconsistent teachers - literally bringing me back from the brink. I drive a half an hour to have lessons and I can honestly say I'd gladly drive three times that because she's really worth it! I would recommend Renee to everyone of every voice type!

    Melanie Funsten, mother: 

     Renee is simply the best.  Our daughter Jenna has been Renee's student for five years now and under Renee's tutelage, she has grown tremendously as a singer and performer.  Renee is not only a fabulous teacher of proper vocal technique, she also reminds her students to analyze lyrics and connect with them.  Best of all, Renee's love for what she does is contagious and inspires Jenna to become a better singer.  We couldn't ask for more!

    Angie Quigley, Sophmore, University of Redlands, Voice Major & graduate of OCHSA Opera Conservatory:  

     I have been studying with Renee Hoffman Heath for six years now, and I can honestly say that she is the best teacher I have worked with. She is the most kind, beautiful and loving woman you will ever meet. Mrs. Heath is always there for you no matter what, supporting you 199% and that is what keeps me going on. She is always there, and I love her for that. I consider Renee Hoffman Heath part of my family. She is so kind and continues to help me through the hard times. To be honest, meeting her and having her as my teacher and my personal mentor has changed my life. 

    Laura Alexandra "Alex" Barajas, Notre Dame de Namur Class of 2015:

     Renee Hoffman Heath is a beautiful, talented, encouraging, and caring woman in every way imaginable. I am so honored to learn from such an amazing person. I feel so lucky to have her in my life because she always has then BEST intentions for everyone and in everything that she does. Not just with music, but in daily life strategies. She is a life savor, a super amazingly inspiring Maestra I've ever come across. She has so much love and motivation in her heart that's like lice spreading all around. Gracias Maestra for impacting my life in the most positive way possible. There's no way I would be la mujer que soy without you in my life.

    Jeff DiLucca: MM NYU, BM Westminster Choir College, Professional Singer & Composer:

    Every lesson with Renee is full of good energy. She always worked with me to center myself in my body, and be aware of the rhythms of my breath. Renee was crucial in getting my education and career started. I have since toured with Andrea Bocelli and performed with world famous ensembles such as New York Philharmonic and The Cleveland Orchestra. Renee is a WONDERFUL teacher!!!

    Kimberly Wells, mother:  

    My daughter began taking voice lessons when she was a shy and extremely quiet 8 year old. We thought Renee might be able to help our daughter "find her voice", and...Boy--did she ever! We soon came to find that Caleigh Rae not only had a "voice", but she could sing. After a couple of years of lessons, Caleigh was the soloist for her elementary school choir concert, she later won a regional talent contest and was named "Daily Pilot Idol" in 2009. She was accepted to both the Opera and Music and Theater Conservatories at the Orange County High School of the Arts. Caleigh currently sings with the Madrigals Choir at Corona del Mar High School.

    Working with Renee has changed the course of our daughter's life. Caleigh Rae is a music lover and her ability to sing has opened countless doors for her. We credit Renee with finding that sweet inner voice in our daughter and helping her blossom into the magnificent young woman she is today.  

    Maggie Thompson, San Francisco Conservatory Class of 2015:  

     Renee Hoffman Heath is the most supportive and fun person I have ever worked with. I have never felt so easy-going and comfortable when working with her, and that's definitely a good thing for singing! I have so many good memories with her and I can't wait to make more!

    Joyce Lim Amposta, CSUF Class of 2015:  

    I first met Renee in my freshman year of high school and immediately I knew her class of vocal techniques would benefit me. She is very knowledgeable in the art of music and voice, and teaches in a manner that is both comfortable and professional. As her former student, it was great being in her class knowing we can ask her questions and recieve positive and constructive feedback. She's wonderful and she is definitely one of the most approachable and caring people out there.

    Sara Jane Sloves, Professional Actress, New School Graduate:  

     Renée is extremely observant and nurturing; she will always figure out a way for you to overcome your obstacles. She spent a lot of time working on breathing and relaxation techniques with me, and I now have a lot more confidence in the power of my voice.