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    I've always loved to sing!

    I grew up surrounded by music of all kinds and it wasn't long before I knew I wanted to make a career in opera and musical theatre. I love the music,  the words, the physical sensation of making sound that allows the words to come alive, and the fun of collaborating with other artists on stage. I thought there wasn't anything else I'd rather do...until I began teaching.

    I find teaching voice as exciting as singing itself. I've been teaching for over 25 years and hope to continue for a long time to come! I love learning from my students while they're learning from me -- and we laugh a lot (and sing a lot!) while we're at it. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing a student make a discovery about the power of their own voice.



    If you can talk you can sing, 

    If you can walk you can dance.  

    ~ African Proverb


    Renée Heath holds a Masters of Music in Vocal Performance from the New England Conservatory in Boston and a Bachelor of Music in Voice from the University of California at Santa Barbara.  

    After many years working on the operatic and musical theater stage Ms. Heath spent several years on the vocal faculty at the Orange County High School of the Arts in the Opera Conservatory, at the Pacific School of Music & Art and as the Vocal Director for Braver Players Theater Foundation in Costa Mesa, CA.

    Renée has been teaching for over 25 years.  She has just relocated from Southern California to Northern Dallas area with her husband.  Her husband has worked for Toyota Corporate for over 24 years, so when the headquarters moved to Texas, she and Ryan decided to go along for the ride.  

    Renée currently runs a private vocal studio on The Tribute in The Colony, TX and is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS).  


    LESSONS are by audition/consultation.  It is a 45 minute appointment and there is no charge for this first meeting.  You may schedule and pay here LINK will be coming soon,  in the meantime use the contact page on this website. 

    • All Levels from Beginner to Professional
    • Focus on bel canto/classical music 
    • Age 8 and above. All lessons by audition.
    • Focus on Healthy Singing
    • Specializing in Audition Preparation for High School & College Level Programs 
    • Opera, Choral & Musical Theater Audition Preparation
    • Coaching on Roles in Musical Theater & Opera
    • Monologue Coaching
    • Help with Choral Music 
    • Basic Musicianship Skills
    • German, French, Italian & English Diction
    • Recital Preparation
    • Annual Studio Recitals
    • Outreach in our community -performance opportunities for all interested



    With over 30 years of vocal training from some of the most renowned and revered teachers in the world, Renée brings a great deal of experience to her studio.  She believes, that "style" and "technique" are often confused.  Styles are accomplished by changing color or tone, using different vibrato, using different inflections, and phrasing.  She absolutely believes that style should not be compromised,  in that, whatever style is sung, it should not sound like another (translation: a singer singing a pop song should not sound like a classical singer and vice versa). A great singer/musician with a great technique should be able to sing any style presented to them.  The musicianship affords them the ability to recognize and interpret a style.  The technique affords them the abilty to produce the appropriate outcome.  

    Renée is adamant about singers learning music theory and sight-reading, believing it is important to become a dependable musician who is not only an instinctive singer, but also knows exactly what he/she is doing and why.  Considering the bad rap singers often get for not knowing their "stuff," Renée is all the more motivated to assure her singers are more than ready for the challenge!  



    Lessons are offered in 30, 45 or 60 minute durations. (The 60 minute lesson is only recommended for advanced singers).


    Lessons are prepayed and must be cancelled within 24 hours in order to reschedule.  If you wish to pay by cash or check you must do so in advance in order to secure your lesson.  You may also use Venmo, Paypal or another banking app if you wish.


    You are paying for an allotted time slot.  If you make an appointment with me, you must pay in advance.  Otherwise, you forfeit the right to your time slot. 


    I must have at least a 24 hour notice of cancellations due to schedule conflicts (such as rehearsals, games, events, etc.). 

    Make up lesson must be completed within the same month as the cancellation.  No credits will be offered, only make up lessons. 

    Illness, inclement weather, and other emergencies are exceptions, however, communication is still expected. 

    No shows, no advance notice and no calls will not receive the option for a make-up lesson. 

    In most cases, no refunds will be given.


    Make-up lessons

    I am always willing to work in make-up lessons as my schedule permits. 

    Instructor Cancellations

    I will always do my best to maintain a consistent schedule and keep cancellations to a minimum.  However, there may be times cancellations are inevitable.  In such cases, I will either reschedule everyone at their convenience, or I will refund the cost of the lesson/lessons.

    Instructor Comments

    I have done my best to come up with a policy that ensures protection for myself, and satisfaction of my clients.  You have every right to expect professionalism, dependability, fairness and excellence from me, as your instructor.  By enrolling, you are agreeing to comply with this policy.  Thank you, and welcome to the Renee Hoffman Heath Voice Studio!